DiveRecorder - Equipment Required

This page contains some suggested lists of equipment and some layout diagrams to help clarify what might be needed for differing types of Meet. Note that there is room for a lot of flexibility depending on your ambitions. My only suggestion is that you try walking before running!

Minor Meet

For a small, informal competition, all you need is a single laptop. However, if you also have a half-set of wireless keypads available it is then possible for a single person to do both the announcing and recording! As an example, look at this photo of my recording table together with a list of the equipment used for one of our monthly develoment competitions.

The following diagram shows a similar layout with the addition of a printer.

Sample layout 2

Normal Meet

This would be any Meet in which only one event is running at a time. This covers every level from Club to International. For these Meets you should have a second recorder working with the hard copy dive sheets so that you can guarantee that you are able to survive a computer crash or extended power cut. Here is a photo of a recording table and the following is a recommended list of the equipment you will require:

The following diagram shows the 'recording' part of such a Meet.

Sample layout 1

Complex Meet

DiveRecorder may be used at Meets at which 2 or more events run concurrently. However, this will require a minimum of two laptops per concurrent event one for DiveRecorder and one for the ScoreBoard. In these cases, while not necessary, it is also a good idea to have one laptop to use as a dedicated database server. Here is a recommended equipment list for such Meets and here is a photo of a recording table.

For each concurrent event: Shared equipment:

The following diagram shows most of the possibilities. If running concurrent events you will need at least an extra laptop per event

Sample layout 3

Electronic Scoreboards - Swiss Timing (Omega)

DiveRecorder can drive Swiss Timing (Omega) electronic scoreboards by connecting to the Swiss Timing computer which is running Galactica and DR2Omega. The following digram shows a Laptop running DiveRecorder and the Galactica computer running DR2Omega which are both on the same LAN.

Sample layout 4

Electronic Scoreboards - General

DiveRecorder can drive matrix scoreboards by the simple expedient of running ScoreBoard on the computer provided by the scoreboard supplier, and scaling the image to fit.

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