Compatible, third party systems

DiveRecorder has been designed to work with any of the following third party hardware and systems.

Electronic scoreboards

Photo of Sirius display

Photo of Calypso display

Nova and Sirius

The scoreboard output from DiveRecorder can be shown on Swiss Timing's Nova and Sirius displays. DiveRecorder provides a custom database and protocol which can be used by the Swiss Timing DHI software to format and display the details of up to three simultaneous events.

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Swiss Timing displays

Calypso and Piccolo

Both of these scoreboard types may be used with DiveRecorder. However, the displays were designed for displaying times so there are limitations on what can be displayed for diving. The image is an example of the next dive being a 403C on 1m with the diver having been ranked 2nd with 104.00 points from the previous round.

Photo of StreetSmart display

Adaptive Micro Systems

Signs from AMS using the Alpha Sign Communications Protocol, such as their StreetSmart series, can be used in text mode to meet the display requirements of a diving Meet. In addition they can be used to display graphic images as shown in this example.

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Adaptive Micro Systems

Photo of a custom display


Interfaces may be developed for Displays with other protocols .. if you ask nicely enough.

Screenshot of ScoreBoard

General - the easy option

Any display device, including data projectors (beamers), which can take a VGA, HDMI, S-Video or other computer video signal, will be able to display the image generated by the DiveRecorder utility "ScoreBoard".


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