DiveRecorder - Features

Minimum Requirements

  • MS Windows® 7
  • Minimum Screen Resolution XGA (1024 x 768 pixels)
  • 50Mb free disk space before the installation

Before Event

  • Enter and store competitors' details for this and future meets (good for club use)
  • Cope with multiple meets, each with multiple events
  • Flexible definition of event
  • Event templates can be created and saved for future use
  • Dive sheet template to pre-define any required dives (reduces data entry)
  • Pick event competitors from a click-list
  • Guest divers are included in all results - but do not use up a rank
  • Automatic or Manual draw for start order
  • Simple scratching of competitor at any stage before or during event
  • Minimise data entry for dive sheets
  • Divesheet can be completed and submitted on-line
  • Check for DD limit, number of groups and repeated dives
  • Optional judging panels
  • Print announcer's list of dives in running order
  • Print recording sheets for a manual recorder

During Event

  • Easy to record judges' awards
  • Works with several judging keypad systems
  • Cope with penalties, failed dives, missing award, repeated dives and appeals
  • Easily withdraw or disqualify divers
  • Forgiving of errors
  • Quickly change a dive
  • Running results
  • Show diver's potential and predicted running ranking
  • You may project a 'scoreboard' or use Swiss Timing (Omega) and other matrix or video scoreboards
  • Live web-results

After an Event

  • Immediate display of result (for an announcer)
  • Print final rankings
  • Print detailed results
  • Print dive sheets
  • Print judging analysis
  • Save reports in various file formats


  • Runs on Windows 7 and later
  • DD table to allow automatic lookup during dive sheet entry
  • End user can add own dives - including non-AQUA dives such as 10, 20, 100, etc
  • DD calculator for any legal dive - shows formula component values of DD
  • Print DD tables
  • Network ready
  • Online Help system

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