White Rose 2018

White Rose 2018
Please note that all timings are subject to change at the meet
Saturday 13 October
Session 1
08:00 Open Training (Saturday events only)
09:30 Restricted Training and Parade Group E Boys/Girls
10:15 Group E Boys/Girls Event
11:00 Restricted Training and Parade Group D1/D2 Boys only
11:45 Group D1/D2 Boys Event
12:20 Training for Saturday afternoon events only)
13:20 Restrictied Training and Parade Group C1/C2 girls only
13:00 Group C1/C2 Girls Event
13:20 Restricted Training Group B+ Boys only
14:00 Group B+ Boys Event
15:00 Restricted Training for Finalists only
Group E Girls
Group E Boys
Group D1 Boys
Group D2 Boys
Group C1 Girls
Group C2 Girls
Group B+ Boys
Sunday 14 October 2018
Session 3
09:15 Group D1/D2 Girls Event
11:15 Group C1/C2 Boys
11:50 Restricted Training and Parade Group B+ Girls
12:20 Group B+ Girls Event
12:40 Restricted Training for Sunday finalists only
13:10 Finals
Group D1 Girls
Group D2 Girls
Group C1 Boys
Group C2 Boys
Group B+ Girls
White Rose Trophy Presentations
*** Meet completed ***


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