Live Results

This is the Live Results section of the DiveRecorder website where you can see the dive-by-dive scoreboard and running rankings of a diving Meet if you are unable to attend in person.

Any organisation using DiveRecorder at their Meet may apply to use this facility.

How to View a Live Event

  1. Check below to see whether a Meet is imminent, and if so...
  2. Select Timetable for an indication of the event timings (always approximate so please be patient).
  3. If an event is running or is about to start, select Event A to view the scoreboard and running rankings.
  4. If two events are running simultaneously, select Event B to view the other event.
Live Meets Date City
 Schweiz. Sommer-Junioren und Synchronmeisterschaften 3m Aug 19-20 Tenero
 2017 Victorian Age Qualifier Aug 19 Melbourne
 Matthew Mitcham Meet (1st Interclub) Aug 20 Sydney
 17-18 Victorian Pennant Series Week 2 Sep 10 Ringwood
 Frank Murphy Meet (2nd Interclub) Sep 10 Sydney

Start Lists, Results and Divesheets

Before an Event has taken place you may view the Start List and the dive lists. After an Event has been completed you may view the Results and completed divesheets. You do both of these the same way .. by selecting Results, then an Event and then a Diver.

Schweiz. Sommer-Junioren und Synchronmeisterschaften 3m

2017 Victorian Age Qualifier

Matthew Mitcham Meet (1st Interclub)