Team and Country Codes

It is quite important for divers to use the correct team names and team codes when competing. Not only is it confusing for spectators if divers from the same team use different team names or codes but if the Meet has team results the points each diver earns will be spread over the different versions of their team name and thus push the team down the rankings.

Divers officially representing their country at an international Meet should use the official country name and code which can be found on the FINA Website. Just select your geographical area then use the Country/NF drop-down to find your country and its code.

Some countries send teams or squads to open invitational Meets, but as these are not full 'international' Meets such divers should not claim to be representing their Nation but instead should use an alternative name. A common practice is to use a variant of "Team [country name]". Consult your team manager to agree the team name and code you should use.

Divers representing their home club only have to use the full and correctly capitalised name of their club and its team code. Within each country the team codes are usually agreed between all the clubs in order to avoid duplication, but that may not be possible at open Meets. If you are not sure about your team code, please check with your trainer or a more experienced diver. Or you can look below.

Known Team Names and Codes

To see a list of team names and codes that have been used at Meets in the past, enter the first character of your team name in the box below then submit your query.

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