2019 Australian Elite Junior Championships


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Boys A 1 Metre, Preliminary      Girls A 1 Metre, Preliminary
Boys A 1 Metre, Final      Girls A 1 Metre, Final
Boys A 3 Metre, Preliminary      Girls A 3 Metre, Preliminary
Boys A 3 Metre, Final      Girls A 3 Metre, Final
Boys A Platform, Preliminary      Girls A Platform, Preliminary
Boys A Platform, Final      Girls A Platform, Final
Boys B 1 Metre, Preliminary      Girls B 1 Metre, Preliminary
Boys B 1 Metre, Final      Girls B 1 Metre, Final
Boys B 3 Metre, Preliminary      Girls B 3 Metre, Preliminary
Boys B 3 Metre, Final      Girls B 3 Metre, Final
Boys B Platform, Preliminary      Girls B Platform, Preliminary
Boys B Platform, Final      Girls B Platform, Final
Boys C 1 Metre      Girls C 1 Metre
Boys C 3 Metre      Girls C 3 Metre
Boys C Platform      Girls C Platform
Boys D 1 Metre      Girls D 1 Metre
Boys D 3 Metre      Girls D 3 Metre
Boys D Platform      Girls D Platform
Boys A/B 3 Metre Synchro      Girls A/B 3 Metre Synchro
Boys A/B Platform Synchro      Girls A/B Platform Synchro
Boys C/D 3 Metre Synchro      Girls C/D 3 Metre Synchro