2019 Ripntear Peter & Patricia Morgan Memorial Meet &


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Female Novice 1m      Male Novice 1m
Female Novice 3m      Male Novice 3m
Female 11&U 1m      Male 11&U 1m
Female 12/13 yrs 1m      Male 12/13 yrs 1m
Female 12/13 yrs 3m      Male 12/13 yrs 3m
Female VCC 12/13 yrs Platform      Male VCC 12/13yrs Platform
Female 14/15 yrs 1m      Male 14/15 yrs 1m
Female 14/15 yrs 3m      Male 14/15 yrs 3m
Female VCC 14/15 yrs Platform      Male VCC 14/15 yrs Platform
Female 16/18 yrs 1m      Male 16-18 yrs 1m
Female 16/18 yrs 3m      Male 16-18 yrs 3m
Female VCC 16/18 yrs Platform      Male VCC 16-18 yrs Platform
Female 50+ yrs 1m      Male 19-24 yrs 1m
2019 Sportspower & Waves Outdoor Springboard C      Male 19-24 yrs 3m
2019 Sportspower & Waves Outdoor Springboard C      Male 50+ yrs 1m
2019 Tasco Inland Australia Skins Platform Event      Male 50+ yrs 3m
2019 Controls Traders Synchro Challenge