DNSW Metropolitan Championships


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Men Masters 3m      Women Masters 1m
Boys EJA 1m      Women Masters 3m
Boys EJA 3m      Girls EJA 1m
Boys EJA Platform      Girls EJA 3m
Boys EJB 1m      Girls EJA Platform
Boys EJB 3m      Girls EJB 1m
Boys EJB Platform      Girls EJB 3m
Boys EJC 1m      Girls EJB Platform
Boys EJC 3m      Girls EJC 1m
Boys EJC Platform      Girls EJC 3m
Boys 19-24 3m      Girls EJC Platform
Boys 19-24 Platform      Girls EJD 1m
Boys 16/18 1m      Girls EJD 3m
Boys 16/18 3m      Girls EJD Platform
Boys 16/18 Platform      Girls 19-24 1m
Boys 14/15 1m      Girls 19-24 3m
Boys 14/15 3m      Girls 16/18 1m
Boys 14/15 Platform      Girls 16/18 3m
Boys 12/13 1m      Girls 16/18 Platform
Boys 12/13 3m      Girls 14/15 1m
Boys 12/13 Platform      Girls 14/15 3m
Boys 11/U 1m      Girls 12/13 1m
Boys 11/U 3m      Girls 12/13 3m
Boys 11/U Platform      Girls 12/13 Platform
14/O Synchronised      Girls 11/U 1m
13/U Synchronised      Girls 11/U 3m
Boys Pathways      Girls 11/U Platform
NTP Level 1      Girls Pathways
NTP Level 0