DNSW Metropolitan Championships

Sydney Olympic Park

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EJA Boys Platform      12/13 Boys Platform
EJB Boys 1m      12/13 Girls 1m
EJB Boys 3m      12/13 Girls 3m
EJ Boys Synchronised 3m      12/13 Girls Platform
EJA Girls 1m      11/U Boys 1m
EJB Girls 1m      11/U Boys 3m
EJB Girls 3m      11/U Boys Platform
EJC Girls 1m      13/U Synchro Boys
EJC Girls 3m      11/U Girls 1m
EJC Girls Platform      11/U Girls 3m
EJ Girls Synchronised 3m      13/U Synchro Girls
19-24 Girls 3m      Masters Men 1m
16/18 Boys Platform      Masters Men Platform
16/18 Girls 1m      Masters Women 1m
16/18 Girls Platform      Masters Women 3m - 25-34
14/15 Boys 1m      Masters Women 3m - 35-49
14/15 Boys 3m      Masters Women 3m - 50+
14/15 Boys Platform      Pathways Boys - Level 6
14/15 Girls 1m      Pathways Girls - Level 6
14/15 Girls 3m      Pathways Girls - Level 5
14/15 Girls Platform      Pathways Girls - Level 4
14/O Synchro Girls      Pathways Girls - Level 3
12/13 Boys 1m      NEPP Level 1
12/13 Boys 3m