DWA 2016 Tilbrook Cup and Bradshaw Shield


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Raelene Tilbrook Trophy      Women 30-49 yrs 1m Springboard
Bradshaw Shield 13/U Yrs      Women 30-49 Years Platform
Bradshaw Shield 14-15 yrs      Boys 14-15 yrs 1m Springboard
Bradshaw Shield 16-18 yrs      Boys 14-15 yrs 3m Springboard
Bradshaw Shield Open      TID Champs Level 2
Girls 12-13 Yrs 1m springboard      TID Champs Level 3
Girls 16-18 yrs 1m Springboard      TID Champs Level 4
Girls 19-29 Yrs 3m Springboard Q      Novice 13/Under
Women 19-29 Yrs Platform      Novice 13/Over