2015 DNSW Central Country Challenge


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Schools Pathways Boys      Schools Pathways Girls
13/Under Boys 1m      13/Under Girls 1m
13/Under Boys 3m      13/Under Girls 3m
14/15 Boys 1m      14/15 Girls 1m
14/15 Boys 3m      14/15 Girls 3m
16/18 Boys 1m      16/18 Girls 1m
16/18 Boys 3m      16/18 Girls 3m
Elite Jnr C Boys 1m      19-24 Women 1m
Elite Jnr C Boys 3m      Elite Jnr C Girls 1m
Elite Jnr B Boys 1m      Elite Jnr C Girls 3m
Elite Jnr B Boys 3m      Elite Jnr B Girls 1m
Masters Men 1m      Elite Jnr B Girls 3m
Masters Men 3m      Masters Women 1m
NEPP Level 0      Masters Women 3m
NEPP Level 1