WADA 2015 Warrilow-Sproule


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Warrilow-Sproule Rd 1, Preliminary      Girls 14-15 Yrs 1m Springboard Q
Warrilow-Sproule Rd 2 knockout, Preliminary      Girls 14-15 Yrs 3m Springboard Q
Warrilow-Sproule Consolation Plate      Girls 16-18 Yrs 1m Springboard Q
Warrilow-Sproule FINAL      Girls 16-18 Yrs 3m Springboard Q
Novice Boys 11/U Level 1      Girls 16-18 Yrs Platform Q
Boys 12-13 Yrs platform Q      Women 19-29 Yrs 1m Springboard Q
Novice Girls 11/U Level 1      Women 19-29 Yrs 3m Springboard Q
Girls 12-13 Yrs 1m Springboard Q      Women 19-29 Yrs Platform Q