Sommar SM 2013


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Damer 1m, Preliminary      Herrar 1m, Preliminary
Damer 1m, Semi-Final      Herrar 1m, Semi-Final
Damer 1m, Final      Herrar 1m, Final
Damer 3m, Preliminary      Herrar 3m, Preliminary
Damer 3m, Semi-Final      Herrar 3m, Semi-Final
Damer 3m, Final      Herrar 3m, Final
Damer Plattform, Preliminary      Herrar Plattform, Preliminary
Damer Plattform, Semi-Final      Herrar Plattform, Semi-Final
Damer Plattform, Final      Herrar Plattform, Final
Damer Synchro 3m