What is DiveRecorder?

DiveRecorder is the core program in a suite designed to manage the entire Recording function for springboard and platform diving meets. It can be used at every level from local club events to international meets under World Aquatics (AQUA) Rules. If you ever combine events, run two or more concurrently, want to have an online scoreboard showing dive-by-dive scores - then you should look at DiveRecorder.

The(AQUA) Diving Rules for 2022-2025 came into effect from 3 December 2022 for AQUA events. These are supported by Version and greater of the DiveRecorder software.

Main Supporting Applications

DiveSheets is a program used by participating clubs or trainers for the bulk preparation and submission of dive sheets over the Internet so that they may be conveniently imported by DiveRecorder.

DRUtilities is a collection of programs for scoreboards, live web results and the like.

JPad Utility is a program designed to configure or test MazingTree's wireless judging keypads (JPads)

MTE Test is a program designed to configure or test Swiss Timing's judging keypads (MTEs)

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Current version

8 April 2024